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What is Amazon Web Server?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided from Amazon that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services also called as web services or remote computing services.

AWS is geographically diversified into regions to minimize the impact of outages and ensure robustness of the system. AWS offers many cloud options which include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon SimpleDB and Amazon WorkSpaces.


Why is AWS important?

  1. AWS enables start-ups to leverage high-end technologies and infrastructure with zero CapEx i.e. an hourly priced model with no up-front cost.
  2. AWS allows you to sign up to new servers within few minutes with no necessity to buy separate licenses for many operating systems & softwares.
  3. AWS has the state-of-the-art, highly secure infrastructure, both physically and over the internet.
  4. Amazon has a wide global presence with 10 regions, 36 availability zones and more than 50 edge locations.
  5. AWS allows highly scalable managed services for database, caching, data-warehousing, transcoding, storage, backup, infrastructure management & application management hence decreasing the overall time & effort.
  6. The service is low cost, high speed and has scalable search service.
  7. With AWS, even small companies get the same quality of service that large corporations are used to.


Why the course is most sought after?/ What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  1. The median salary for IT professionals with cloud computing experience is $90,950.
  2. Currently, there are 18,239,258 cloud computing jobs worldwide, 40.8% of which are located in China.
  3. According to Gartner, software as a service (SaaS) will rise from $14.5 billion to $22.1 billion, platform as a service (PaaS) will go from $1.2 billion to $1.8 billion and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will increase from $8.1 billion to $15.5 billion from 2013 to 2016. So, the total cloud computing market spend will go from $23.8 billion to $39.4 billion in that time period.
  4. With cloud, businesses can deliver results quickly by accessing thousands of servers virtually within a few minutes through the cloud as they don’t have to plan for and get IT infrastructure such as servers much in advance.
  5. According to Forbes, 3.9 million jobs are associated with cloud computing, with 384,478 of them in IT in the US.
  6. According to technical recruiters, there are about 100 jobs chasing each cloud qualified candidate at this point in time
  7. Companies that require specific cloud computing skills or development skills are typically already committed to a specific cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Who should do this course?

  1. Developers
  2. DevOps Engineer
  3. Cloud Engineer
  4. Architects
  5. Consultants


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