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What is Cloudera Impala?

Cloudera Impala is an analytic massively parallel processing SQL query engine that runs natively in Apache Hadoop. The technology seeks to improve interactive query response time for Hadoop users. Impala is the answer to Apache Hive’s query response times which are often unacceptable due to Hive’s reliance on MapReduce. Impala uses HiveQL as a programming interface, and Impala’s Query Exec Engines are co-located with HDFS data nodes, in keeping with the Hadoop approach of co-locating data with processing tasks. It can also use HBase as a data store providing a very high-performance alternative to the Hive-on-top-of-MapReduce model.


Why is Impala important?

  1. Impala allows direct querying of data in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and HBase (NoSQL database) indexes.
  2. Impala includes ODBC and JDBC drivers and is supported by business intelligence systems from Alteryx, Karmasphere, Microstrategy, Pentaho, Qliktech and Tableau Software.
  3. Impala shows 4 times better performance than Hive on purely IO bound queries.
  4. Impala minimizes network load
  5. Impala can handle mutliple requests in a shared workload environment.
  6. Impala allows saving time because you do not have to move around data
  7. Impala allows far-reaching accessibility of Hadoop data to the business community.
  8. Impala allows complete analysis of full raw and historical data, without information loss from aggregations or conforming to fixed schemas.


Why the course is most sought after?/ What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  1. Impala professionals earn an average salary of $139,874 according to dice.com.
  2. Using Impala, analysts can perform low-latency SQL queries in a Hadoop environment without requiring data to be moved.
  3. Cloudera claims Impala is three to 30 times faster than Hive.
  4. Impala will enable many organizations to shift a significant share of data and query workloads over to Hadoop, where Cloudera asserts that managing data at high scale costs anywhere from 10% to 1% of the cost of doing so in a conventional data warehouse.


Who should do this course?

  1. Developers
  2. Architects
  3. Data Scientists
  4. Analysts
  5. Consultants



To take up this course, one should have fundamental knowledge of core java and OOP concepts.


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