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What is Tableau?

Tableau is a data visualisation software created by Tableau Software which connects easily to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data.

It allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualisations called dashboards. This process takes only seconds or minutes rather than months or years, and is achieved through the use of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.


Why is Tableau important?

  1. Tableau’s drag-n-drop interface allows users to build many visuals in minutes and can handle endless variations and helps tackle just about any project thrown your way with ease.
  2. Tableau allows users to build interactive dashboards to empower their clients.
  3. The dashboards can be deployed at enterprise level (Tableau Server) and can be viewed and interrogated on a laptop, tablet, and even mobile.
  4. Tableau allowrs users to perform basic calculations and even run some simple stats by simply running your models in R and importing results into Tableau. These programs complement each other well.
  5. Tableau is extremely easy to learn. It’s an intuitive tool and with the right type of training, you will be seamlessly creating fully interactive MIS dashboards.
  6. The Professional Version of Tableau is priced with enterprises in mind: $1,999 + maintenance fee per license but Tableau has a completely free version of their software called Tableau Public. With Tableau Public you cannot connect to as many Data Sources as with Tableau Professional and all visualizations have to be saved on a public server. Apart from that, Tableau Public is capable of producing the same incredible visualizations and dashboards as Tableau Professional, making it a great solution for learning the software.


What are the objectives of this course?

  1. This Course will provide all aspects of Tableau Development and 30-40% of Admin Tasks.
  2. Includes Interview Preparation for 2 hours, covering FAQs  and discussing answers


Why the course is most sought after?/ What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  1. Tableau is becoming so popular that many organizations require Tableau on your resume to even apply for their data science positions.
  2. It has an incredible year-on-year growth and record adoption rates globally.
  3. Companies need to deliver one of the best analytics and visualization platforms out there.
  4. Data visualization is an excellent career choice and it will become a pivotal myriad for different industries.
  5. Most of the software companies are preferring this skill for clarity in their data analysis.
  6. Tableau allows non-programmers to generate hassle-free data sets and quickly explore and generate powerful plots with pretty graphs, animations and interactivity.
  7. It is very helpful in giving presentations to advertising and financial clients.
  8. Integrating Tableau with R definitely takes your career on Top.
  9. This can not only visualize and explore various views, it can even combine multiple databases and generates the reports accordingly.
  10. Tableau server helps in publishing the dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share it within your organization.


What are the projects you would be working on?

Project: Sales Dashboard

Domain: Heath Care

Description: We will give you an exercise to build a Complex Dashboard with 8 -10 KPIs

1. Sales Calls By Region

2. Avg Sales Calls per Rep.

3. Sales Calls By Surgeon Specialty

4. Sales Calls By Category

5. Sales Calls By Launch to Date, QTD, MTD, YTD

6. Avg Sales Calls By Launch to Date, QTD, MTD, YTD


We will also build Interactivity using Dashboard Actions

1. Linking Summary and Detailed views,

2. link external Websites to Tableau Dashboards


In this process we will add more Interactivity to Dashboards with Parameters and implement Row Level Security to this Dashboard , similar to a Live Use case.

Understand the process involved in Testing Dashboard results with underlying data.

Implement Tableau best practices and Sizing options


Who should do this course?/ Pre-Requisites:

The following professionals can go for this course :

  1. Data Scientists
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Statisticians and Analysts
  4. Project Managers



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