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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service provider which has applications in all aspects of business mainly customer relationship management (CRM) product, which is composed of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Force.com, Chatter and Work.com. 

Sales Cloud manages and integrates social media and real-time customer collaboration through Chatter. Service Cloud includes a case tracking feature and a social networking plug-in for conversation and analytics. Marketing Cloud monitors and markets Social Media. Force.com allows software developers to create Salesforce.com add-on applications while Work.com is a social human resource (HR) performance management platform.


Why is Salesforce important?

  1. Salesforce was founded mainly to manage territories for a company.
  2. Salesforce leads to automation and better management of lead processing.
  3. Salesforce allows leads to be assigned to users according to the parameters that make business sense and customized around your business goals.
  4. Salesforce lets a company achieve better efficiency and greater integrity by not having multiple people calling from the same company
  5. Through Salesforce, a company gives faster responses to any client that enquires about your services or products which shows ultimately to your customers that you care about their business
  6. Salesforce lets calculation based forecasting using all the information from your sales team
  7. Fully customizable dashboards for each user within your organization is available through salesforce.
  8. This marketplace of easy to access, download, and install apps provides users with even more resources, options, and expanded functionality.


Why the course is most sought after?/ What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  1. Salesforce gives a great ROI. For every dollar spent on training, you should be able to get a good return on your investment.
  2. With approximately 200,000 customer companies using salesforce1 platform and close to 2000 companies built on top of the salesforce1 platform- there is an emerging boom for Salesforce careers in the enterprise application sector.
  3. Salesforce developers command $120+ per hour (contract), and easily $130k+ per year (full-time). 
  4. Smaller companies are investing in Salesforce and larger companies are upgrading their Salesforce systems to fulfil their requirements for customized applications.
  5. Salesforce offers an extremely intuitive, simple user interface and meets and far exceeds the ease of use requirement.
  6. Salesforce also delivers reliable data security and protection, ensuring that sensitive information is not lost or compromised.


 Who should do this course?

The course is designed for professionals like:

  1. Business Analysts
  2. Administrators
  3. Developers



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